Renovating Your Home

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Choosing to renovate your home can be a frightening decision, and it is always a very tough process. Most people who start renovating their home eventually find that it is a much bigger job than they had initially planned for. Don't let the costs or amount of effort involved with a home renovation surprise you. If you prepare well ahead of time, then you'll make the whole job a lot easier on yourself, your family, and your checkbook.

Here's what you need to keep in mind when planning a renovation job:

  • Come up with a plan and stick with it. This includes making a budget to go along with your plan. If you go into a renovation without a plan, you're likely to face all kinds of pitfalls.
  • Make sure you know exactly what you're going to do, the blueprints and floor plans needed for the job, the materials involved, the labor that's necessary, and above all a price on all of the work. Put all of this down on paper, and make sure you have a good idea of what kind of overall design you're after. Choosing the right colors and materials to go with your home's overall theme is important, and many renovation jobs fail to take this into account.
  • Is this going to be a do it yourself job, or are you going to hire contractors? This can make a huge difference in the price, so make sure that if you're doing everything by yourself, you have the expertise and skills necessary to complete the job.
  • What about cost overruns? When planning your budget, it's a good idea to put aside at least 30% more money than you think you need. Renovation jobs always end up costing more than you think
  • Is your family okay with the mess? A home renovation will make your entire house dirty, dusty, and messy. Make sure you and your family is actually willing to put up with all of it before diving in.
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Make sure you think about the little details too - even the light switches you use, and the types of tile (Hint: Travertine tiles are a great option for a classic look)

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Renovating Your Home

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This article was published on 2010/03/29