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Whether its old or new, you have quite a work to be done. Are you the one putting the gear on and start to renovate your house or will you hire a professional to do the work for you? For doing it by your self it means savings on the costs. By hiring a professional you will get faster result and almost always guaranteed quality. If you decide to hire someone to do the job for you, make sure to ring all relatives and friends through to see if they know any good renovation companies or constructors. You can also check up on your janitor to see if he/she knows anyone competent.

If and when you use a construction or renovation company, you have to set up some ground rules. Usually it’s mutual will and benefit to do a proper contract of the work to be done. In the contract it will state that what kind of equipment should be used, who is going to buy the equipment, what work is not part of the contract and what can be done for an extra fee.If you use construction or renovation company, they will do the work and send the bill. All you have to do basically is to pay the bill.

If you decide to renovate by your self you have to remember that pluming and electricity, by default, is to be built by a professional. It is very rewarding to see your own hand at work and you can really see some results. You will do great and get far by just reading the instruction on each equipment and phase thoroughly.

Renovation ( in Finnish: remontti ) is a time eater. The actual painting, cutting etc.. is fast but preparations tend to take a majority of the time. Patience is the key in renovation.Well planned is well done. Go to your local Hardware Store, for example K-Rauta and ask for advice on planning and executing a renovation. They will help you and really make you understand the whole process.

Safety should not be the concern number 100 either. If you are doing the renovation by your self you should really make sure you have all the safety equipment and measures that a professional would have because without you the renovation won’t get finished.

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Successful Renovation

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Successful Renovation

This article was published on 2012/01/13